Reagan Wireless on Femtocells and the Sprint Airave CDMA Personal Base Station

Reagan Wireless offers many types of cellular phones and cellular phone accessories, including the Sprint Airave CDMA Personal Base Station. Belonging to a new class of devices called femtocells, the Airave allows mobile phone users to significantly expand their reception at home or at work.

A femtocell consists of a personal mobile phone transmission tower. Much like a wireless Internet router, a femtocell connects to the Internet and uses this connection to transmit data to a phone carrier. Sprint uses the term Personal Base Station for their Airave femtocell to make this connection clear. For many users, a femtocell will look and work just like a home wireless router.

The primary reason an individual would install a femtocell such as the Airave relates to coverage. Due to surrounding buildings or structures, or because of geographical location, an individual may receive relatively poor mobile phone reception. If this happens in an area where reception is key, such as at home or work, then a femtocell often solves the problem.

Femtocells also take some of the guesswork out of choosing a mobile phone provider. Customers who want to purchase a phone only offered by Sprint, for instance, but who live in an area with inconsistent Sprint coverage, can pair their phone purchase with a femtocell to ensure good call quality and data connectivity at home.

Femtocells have only recently begun to make an impact on the wireless communications market because of a number of complex technical challenges that needed to be addressed. As they operate in a licensed frequency band, femtocells must remain accurately tuned at all times to avoid interfering with other people’s telephone communications. Cellular phone towers are kept in tune by the carrier, but femtocells need to be self-tuning. New advancements have solved this issue, and femtocells such as the Sprint Airave CDMA Personal Base Station are now available for all major U.S. carriers. To learn more about the Airave or other products offered by Reagan Wireless, visit our website.

Daniel Kaufman,
Reagan Wireless

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