Reagan Wireless: About iDEN technology

Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Reagan Wireless distributes phones that operate on CDMA, GSM, and iDEN technologies. The company, which sells top name-brand cellular phones and accessories from companies like LG Electronics, SANYO, and SAMSUNG, provides iDEN technology for its diverse set of clients around the country. iDEN, which stands for “integrated digital enhanced network,” is a mobile telecommunications framework that allows users to communicate through a trunked radio (a computer-controlled radio system with different frequencies, or channels) or a cellular phone line.

The iDEN technology operates on a 25 kHz channel, though it only necessitates 20 kHz. Motorola first licensed iDEN, which can function on several individual frequencies, and the company remains committed to supporting the iDEN technology even though the merger of Sprint and Nextel may convert the operator’s network to the CDMA system. Most iDEN devices use one of four SIM cards for storage of information, while early models stored all information in the phone’s hardware. The four supported SIM cards are the Endeavor SIMs, Condor SIMs, Falcon SIMs, and Falcon 128 SIMs.

In 1994, the Motorola L3000 was released as the first iDEN product. Since then, several countries have added the iDEN network into their mobile telecommunications framework. While the push-to-talk names differ from country to country—some iDEN trunked radio systems are known as Chirp, Push to Talk, Direct Connect, and Walkie-Talkie—mobile networks in Japan, Mexico, China, the U.S., India, China, Brazil, Peru, and many other countries sponsor the iDEN technology. Reagan Wireless provides clients with several iDEN products. For more information about the cellular phones and accessories offered through Reagan Wireless, visit the company’s official website at

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