Reverse Logistics, Presented by Reagan Wireless

In addition to providing top-quality retail goods for mobile device consumers, Reagan Wireless has incorporated a strong emphasis on reverse logistics within the company’s business model. As a result, the firm offers products that benefit consumers and the environment.

For consumers unfamiliar with the world of reverse logistics, most professionals define the term to include every instance affecting a product after the initial point of sale. Reverse logistics can include refurbishing and remanufacturing, as well as coordinating proper disposal.

The benefits of investing in reverse logistics for a company include an ability to recover the value of products after they have appeared on the market. Reagan Wireless has built the company on recovering, refurbishing, and reselling unwanted electronics.

Compliance with local environmental agencies becomes important in reverse logistics to facilitate use of the available resources and proper disposal of hazardous materials. Many private and governmental agencies provide support and guidance for businesses engaging in reverse logistics.

Looking at local agencies often serves as the first step to finding appropriate partners. Located in Florida, Reagan Wireless collaborates with nearby agencies, such as the Deerfield Beach Environmental Agency, as well as national organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency. Partnering with ecologically oriented groups ensures that companies comply with applicable environmental laws.

About the Company:
Reagan Wireless has become a top cell phone retailer, offering products including smartphones, chargers, headsets, cases, and cables. Specializing in recycling unwanted or unused products, the company supplies products to consumers worldwide. In addition to retail services, Reagan Wireless applies wholesale prices to top stock, such as wireless phones from LG Electronics, Samsung, CDMA Palm, Cricket, and CDMA Research in Motion Limited (Blackberry). For more information or to purchase products, visit the company at

Daniel Kaufman,
Reagan Wireless

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