Cell Phone Recycling: Good For Everyone

By Reagan Wireless

Many people may not know exactly what “cell phone recycling” means, or what the process entails. In fact, there are two basic methods of recycling cell phones. In either case, a primary concern is preventing the costly, wasteful, and sometimes toxic discarding of cell phone materials that are still useful in some way. Recycling puts old cell phones back to work, reduces landfill volume, and lessens the demand for new materials that would otherwise be mined or synthesized in a factory.

The first common method of cell phone recycling for businesses involved in the industry at large is to simply disassemble each cell phone that is returned for recycling and reuse the parts of the cell phone that still work. Given enough volume and time, almost every piece from each cell phone ends up getting reused in this method, resulting in a minimal environmental impact.

The second method of cell phone recycling is focused on harvesting valuable base materials from the phones. These materials may then be used in the creation of new phones, which helps reduce their cost, or they may be resold to other industries. On average, a ton of cell phones can yield over half a pound each of gold and platinum, a small amount of palladium, and around 300 pounds of copper. The glass and plastic components are also often recycled and reused.

Recycling cell phones saves money, energy, and natural resources. It is the wisest way to dispose of an old or unwanted phone. In the end, when consumers elect to recycle their old phones instead of trashing them, everybody from the manufacturers to the consumers themselves comes out ahead.

About the author: Reagan Wireless is a successful Florida company that has specialized in cell phone distribution and reselling for over 15 years. The company also offers a cell phone recycling service.

Daniel Kaufman,
Reagan Wireless

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