Reagan Wireless Provides English-Language Classes to Employees

In many workplaces, being able to speak fluent English is a requirement. However, in some locales with highly diverse populations, working adults may not speak English well and would benefit from employer-sponsored English courses. Reagan Wireless is a Florida-based company that has taken the lead in educating its workforce. Reagan Wireless has partnered with Lott English Academy to offer English-language courses.

Employees can participate in an English test and take language classes appropriate to their skill level. The company hosts morning and evening English classes, led by professional instructors from Lott English Academy. In fact, the Lott English Academy has designed these courses as part of a comprehensive 20-week program, which encourages students to communicate class concepts to build their language skills.

These employer-sponsored, on-site courses are just one way the Lott English Academy helps its students enhance their English skills. It also offers a series of classroom lessons during the week and on weekends, along with online classes.

Daniel Kaufman,
Reagan Wireless

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