Bluetooth Plantronics Voyager Legend Review by Daniel Kaufman, Reagan Wireless

Bluetooth Plantronics Voyager Legend Review
by Daniel Kaufman
Reagan Wireless


Plantronics Voyager Legend

Plantronics has been in the communications business since the dawn of the Jet Age and heady days of the Apollo space program. This experience shows in the company’s latest premium Bluetooth headset, the Voyager Legend.

The Plantronics Voyager Legend is a refinement and evolution of an award-winning design that just works. It’s bigger than other Bluetooth headsets, but it sounds excellent and is comfortable to wear. Legend does what many might have though was impossible, improve on an already stellar design. In fact, the Voyager Legend offers stellar sound quality, a more comfortable design, Near-perfect hardware and voice controls and a longer battery life with Magnetic charging connector.

 The Voyager Legend supports A2DP, which lets you stream podcasts, audiobooks, music, prompts from GPS navigation apps, and other audio through the headset. It also supports multipoint, so you can pair two devices simultaneously and alternate between them.

All told, with the Voyager Legend, Plantronics cements its status as one of the top two Bluetooth headset vendors on the market.

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