Bluetooth Motorola Finiti Review By Daniel Kaufman, Reagan Wireless

Bluetooth Motorola Finiti Review
By Daniel Kaufman
Reagan Wireless

daniel-kaufman-reagan-wireless-motorola-finitiMotorola is one of those electronics companies that seem to have their fingers in every aspect of the industry. The Motorola Finiti is the follow-on to the HX1 Endeavor, which uses the same “stealth” bone conduction technology to achieve the highest possible sound quality.

The Finiti is designed to catch your eye with its shiny chrome finish. Yet it still looks like a traditional Bluetooth headset. The measurements are 2.13 inches long by 0.73 inch wide by 0.43 inch thick. The sides are covered in a soft rubber material and the overall headset is slightly curved for improved comfort.


  • Voice Commands
  • Built-in 3 microphones
  • Stealth mode
  • Advanced MultiPoint Technology
  • CrystalTalk technology
  • EasyPair technology
  • Echo cancellation
  • Voice caller ID
  • Motospeak application support

In conclusion, as I mentioned above the Finiti has a slew of features that are welcome on higher-end headsets. It has A2DP streaming so you can listen to your music and turn-by-turn navigation directions, multipoint, which lets you connect the headset to two devices simultaneously, and the usual features like last-number redial, call waiting, and voice command support. It also supports voice control, so you can say “answer” to answer a call and “ignore” to ignore one. –Daniel Kaufman, Reagan Wireless

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