Social Media Transforms Customer Service with Positive Results

A global reseller, distributor, recycler, and wholesaler of cell phones and accessories, CEO Daniel Kaufman of Reagan Wireless sells such products as smartphones and OEM accessories. At the forefront of the industry, Daniel Kaufman, Pres. & CEO of Reagan Wireless maintains real-time communications with its customer base through a variety of methods, including social media platforms.

In the technological age, customers use social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to communicate with businesses and to express kudos, frustrations, and other relevant feedback from the customer base. Businesses increasingly find that social media makes customer interaction a more immediate experience, and they may also find that this method of interaction is more valuable than previous ones.

Today, social media serves as an essential tool for effective customer service. Panelists at a session about social media at a Wharton conference revealed that consumers have come to expect rapid responses to their issues when they post on social media platforms. The panelists represented such diverse industries as airlines and banking. Now called social care or customer care, customer service combined with social media is far more than a mere tech fad.


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